About Easter time…

Easter… it’s a time which we associate with chocolate eggs, bunnies and hot cross buns. 

Whenever I see hot cross buns on the shelves at the supermarket, I figure that Easter is near. The reminder of the aromatic buns in the oven with the smell of mixed spices and real butter (not margarine ok!) melting on the crusty bun. mmmm… I must admit that I often go for the chocolate hot cross bun *sheepish grin* just because the chocolate gives the sweetness that I love.

I have tried quite a few hot cross buns from supermarkets and bakeries in Melbourne Australia but this is my first year having hot cross buns in London. Of course, I had to try out Heston x Waitrose “Earl Grey & Mandarin Hot Cross Buns”. These babies cost £1.59 for just two of them whereas you could possibly get four for roughly £1.20 at your typical supermarket.

The buns looked rather like your average hot cross buns and felt quite dense. We popped the buns into the oven and when they were ready to come out, the whole flat just smelled amazing. With the butter on, the buns tasted divine. I must say that the bun matched up to the aroma it had and the only thing I found missing was the earl grey taste. The hot cross buns contain sultanas, california raisins and chilean flame raisins that have been marinated overnight in earl grey tea. Perhaps my tastebuds weren’t that strong in the morning but maybe the earl grey tea is too subtle as compared to the sultanas and raisins. On the other hand, the buns were really fragrant from the orange zest, mandarin and bergamot extracts. The amount of fruit was adequate and overall, it was quite an indulgent experience.
Try it if you haven’t already but if you would like more than one hot cross bun, perhaps it’s more economical to get a pack of 6.

Note: If you know of any “MUST TRY” hot cross buns in London, please let us know!


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