The StockMKT @ Bermondsey Square

I came across The StockMKT whilst surfing onto Mondo Mulia‘s blog not too long ago. The amazing photos from the event intrigued me and when I heard that they were having a double night special last week, I made an effort to get there and check it out. Afterall, I have heard a lot of fabulous reviews. Truth be told, it totally met my expectations and the dude and I had a great night, sampling amazing food and bouncing to the music of Albert Ball’s Flying Aces’ who were on that night.

We started off with Pom Pom Takoyaki. I have had these little pompoms in Singapore before but I must say that these girls served up a delicious deal. We ordered the takoyaki (octopus!) and the chicken and boy, they were yummy. Ours was missing some bonito flakes (think they ran out!) but we were still very pleased with the end product.

Our next stop was the Pizza Pilgrims. We were blown away by the amazing dough, quick service, good value and yummilicious pizza! The way they operate with the whole set up, we were just taken away by the simplicity of it all. AMAZING! We will definitely be visiting them quite often!

There was also Kamm & Sons serving Ginseng spirits… Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to try this but we love the get up!

Amongst the sweet shops at The StockMKT, I was drawn to My Sweet Tooth Factory. We had a salted caramel cheesecake to finish the night and were so pleased with our choice.

It was an amazing night and we can’t wait for the next StockMKT to try more food!


8 thoughts on “The StockMKT @ Bermondsey Square

  1. The takoyaki look really tasty! It’s one of my favourite foods and I’m so glad to see it’s growing in popularity outside of Japanese circles.

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