A new gem… Sushi Tetsu

I am a huge fan of sushi. If you ask my colleague at work, I am always wanting sushi for lunch… Back in Melbourne, there are quite a number of good sushi places down Flinders Lane where I could have lunch. Over here in London, it’s the usual itsu lunch take out place but nothing quite above and beyond until I moved into my new office in Farringdon.

About a month ago, Eric, Cherry from Feed the Tang, Giulia from Mondomulia and I decided to get together and check out Sushi Tetsu for lunch. Sushi Tetsu opened in June this year in the vicinity of Farringdon where some of us work. I have heard about Sushi Tetsu prior as there was quite a bit of hype in the blogger/twitter-sphere… Eric could not stop ranting about it and you can also read about the Skinny Bib’s review of Sushi Tetsu here.

We got to sit by the bar and saw Chef Toru’s every move. It’s a pity that I did not bring my camera with me but I had my trustworthy iPhone to document the amazing lunch. You have to check out Giulia’s photos and blog post here.

I sampled the salmon, tuna, shrimp and sweet shrimp nigiri which Chef Toru prepared with precision and poise. They were impeccable and delicate to the taste.
I had high expectations when I arrived and needless to say, my expectation was met. It was THAT good. I kid you not.

I spent slightly under £20 for lunch but be prepared to fork out a bit more if you want more than a taster. It is definitely worth the money as I know some people who swear by the sushi and visit every other day!

I highly recommend that you check it out soon. If you love good sashimi/ sushi, it’s a place NOT TO BE MISSED. Booking is highly advised as I believe that their book is filling up fast.

DishPiglets‘ rating: 10/10

Sushi Tetsu
12 Jerusalem Passage
London EC1V 4JP
020 3217 0090

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The Bah Kut Teh Challenge – Wild Serai vs Plusixfive

Just over two weeks ago, we headed to “The Battle of the Bak Kut Tehs – For Action Against Hunger” – it was a Singapore vs Malaysia Bah Kut Teh challenge. For those who don’t know what Bah Kut Teh is, it is a Chinese soup dish and it directly translate to ‘meat bone tea’. This dish is widely know in Singapore and Malaysia and it usually consists of meaty pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices for hours.

My mum makes an excellent Bah Kut Teh, according to my best friend, my brother and my dude. As for me, I am never a big fan of the peppery soup which my mum makes. I much prefer the Malaysian version which I often have whenever I head over to Johor Bahru.

The “Olympigs” challenge was held at the Singapore pop up house near Marylebone. When we were walking along the street looking for the place, we followed a strong smell of pork and got to the doorstep easy. We were greeted by Wen of Edible Experiences and after a quick chat with Goz, we were seated and given our first bowl of Bah Kut Teh.

We were told that Goz has been boiling the Bah Kut Teh for weeks. Obviously Singaporean (kiasu huh! hehe) but boy it was worth it!

After having our first bowl of Bah Kut Teh by the Plusixfive, the dude and I were pretty impressed. The pork meat just melted in our mouths and I must say that it tasted better than my mum’s Bah Kut Teh! My only criticism was that I got a really ultra small bowl of soup and the dough stick wasn’t the best.

All around, you could hear people dissecting the two bowls of soup and hungry for more!

The Malaysian bowl of Bah Kut Teh by Wild Serai came next and we gulped it down in no time. The soup had the herbal touch albeit a little too light for me.

I came with the thought that I would much prefer the Malaysian version but was surprised by Goz’s version.
So guess who won in the end? Gozgozgoz from Plusixfive! I think both Wild Serai and Plusixfive put up a great culinary experience for just £5. Voting was also done via our donation to Action Against Hunger. Quite a nice afternoon lunch I must say!

Stripped back!

Last Saturday, I headed east to check out Ben Spalding’s latest venture. Ben used to be the head chef at Roganic and was behind the successful Roast Sunday held a couple of months back (which I missed). When I heard about Stripped Back, I know I wasn’t going to miss out this time.

When we got there, the eight seats were taken and we stood around patiently and waited for our turn. It was a delight to stare over people’s shoulders and observe what Ben was like in operation. We even had to stare at Goz (Plusixfive) who was in the earlier seating (haha!)…

When it came to our turn, we started with bread – yoghurt, muesli and malt bread with jersey butter and home made sea salt.

Ben served us fizz next – 42c below NZ vodka and meadowsweet. The drink was simply divine.

Our starter was chilled pea and mint sauce soup, greasy chicken skin, cherry tomatoes, mugwort oil and roasted macadamia nuts. The whole experience of Ben putting the soup together in front of us, was a delight to watch. The crispy chicken skin was a great accompaniment to the soup and the different textures came together so well.

Next up, we had cured and poached wild salmon, sweetcorn and nectarine. Gourd juice seasoned with shiso vinegar, bronze fennel and roasted almonds. This was a definite highlight for me. Pretty on the plate and melted in my mouth.

Our third course was a simple wrap filled with angus beef, spices, blow torched lettuce and home made sour cream. When I learnt that beef was on the menu, I had to tell Ben that I did not take beef. He was prepared and had a vegetarian option with onions and peppers for me.

Lastly, we finished with dessert – brownie rocks with mahlep seeds, dill puree, kentish cherries and lemongrass cream.

I love the set up, the way that it is just a simple eight seater in the middle of a Saturday market. Relaxed and chilled, enjoying food stripped back, raw and personal like they described. The interaction with Ben on such an intimate setting is one you should not miss. It’s great to see someone so passionate about food, explaining to you the ingredients used, his latest discovery and how he experimented with each of them. It is fine dining in a totally casual setting.

I highly recommend checking it out if you are in London. £15 was all I paid for the amazing 4 courses. The price is going up to £17.50 this week as Ben promised the best ingredients which he can sourced. From what I heard, razor clams are on the menu this Saturday! The menu does change regularly so do follow Stripped Back on twitter for the latest news! I might just see you there one of these Saturdays! You can read J (Feast to the World)’s review here. As for me, I hope the photos did the talking!

Stripped Back
London Field’s Primary School Playground
Westgate Street
E8 3RL