A new gem… Sushi Tetsu

I am a huge fan of sushi. If you ask my colleague at work, I am always wanting sushi for lunch… Back in Melbourne, there are quite a number of good sushi places down Flinders Lane where I could have lunch. Over here in London, it’s the usual itsu lunch take out place but nothing quite above and beyond until I moved into my new office in Farringdon.

About a month ago, Eric, Cherry from Feed the Tang, Giulia from Mondomulia and I decided to get together and check out Sushi Tetsu for lunch. Sushi Tetsu opened in June this year in the vicinity of Farringdon where some of us work. I have heard about Sushi Tetsu prior as there was quite a bit of hype in the blogger/twitter-sphere… Eric could not stop ranting about it and you can also read about the Skinny Bib’s review of Sushi Tetsu here.

We got to sit by the bar and saw Chef Toru’s every move. It’s a pity that I did not bring my camera with me but I had my trustworthy iPhone to document the amazing lunch. You have to check out Giulia’s photos and blog post here.

I sampled the salmon, tuna, shrimp and sweet shrimp nigiri which Chef Toru prepared with precision and poise. They were impeccable and delicate to the taste.
I had high expectations when I arrived and needless to say, my expectation was met. It was THAT good. I kid you not.

I spent slightly under £20 for lunch but be prepared to fork out a bit more if you want more than a taster. It is definitely worth the money as I know some people who swear by the sushi and visit every other day!

I highly recommend that you check it out soon. If you love good sashimi/ sushi, it’s a place NOT TO BE MISSED. Booking is highly advised as I believe that their book is filling up fast.

DishPiglets‘ rating: 10/10

Sushi Tetsu
12 Jerusalem Passage
London EC1V 4JP
020 3217 0090

Sushi Tetsu on Urbanspoon


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