A lunch at Bread Street Kitchen

With only less than two months away before my weddings in Singapore and Australia, it is getting busy and is partly the reason why this blog has been put on the back burner at the moment. The other Dishpiglet has just returned from her two months long trip and will soon be blogging from the other side of the world… i.e. Australia as she is heading back home.

Recently, we celebrated my friend’s 29th birthday and as a surprise, we decided to take her for a nice lunch at Bread Street Kitchen. Situated at One New Change, across St Paul’s Cathedral, it was a short walk from where we work. I have never been to a Gordon Ramsay joint… besides the Warrington in Maida Vale for a few pints. Bread Street Kitchen was a delight when we walked in… The decor was immaculate. Walking up the three flights or so of stairs, the concept of ‘industrial glamour’ came through with the black and gold. For those who are interested, BSK is designed by Emulsion architects alongside interior designer Russell Sage Studios.

When we walked into the restaurant area, the high ceiling and the well decked out restaurant area oozes appeal. The massive area which seats about 300 is broken down into smaller areas to reduce the sheer scale of the space. We were seated near the bar area and quickly got into deciding what to have for our lunch. Having read Guan’s BSK post, I was keen to try the slow-roasted pork belly with apple sauce. Priced at £17, it does not come with a side dish and I ordered a side of runner beans with rosemary.

Warm bread was served before our lunch arrived and it was quite a delight with the butter.

As I didn’t try my friends’ dishes, I can only comment on my main. The pork belly was crispy albeit a little too tough and chewy on the thicker edges. The meat was soft and tender but it was a shame that the apple sauce was quite plain and didn’t deliver. Definitely not the best pork belly that I have tried. I did not like my side as it tasted a little bitter. Overall, it was still a pleasant lunch but I was expecting a little more.

The bill came up to about £90 for four of us and we only had mains and shared half a carafe of white wine amongst us. I have been back since to have drinks with a friend and the atmosphere of the bar is great. I am sure that I will be back to try other dishes but it will not be a regular lunch out at BSK for me as it’s a little hefty on the price tag.

Dishpiglets’ rating: 7.5/10

Bread Street Kitchen
10 Bread Street
London, EC4M 9AJ
+4420 3030 4050

Bread Street Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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