Just down Carter Lane…

A flat white please…

It’s always interesting to find a small quirky cafe near where you work. Just a few weeks ago, I discovered a tiny coffee house down Carter Lane. Right near Blackfriars and St Paul’s, you always find the usual chains like Starbucks etc. A refreshing change to see this little coffee house and one that makes me want to get a coffee in the morning. And for the people who know their coffee – they have a Synesso machine! Highly recommend this place!

*I had a take away coffee thus didn’t manage to take any shots of the coffee!

Carter Lane Coffee House
50 Carter Lane
EC4 London


3 thoughts on “Just down Carter Lane…

  1. I wish they have flat whites in America…. it’s been so long now that I’m kind of use to just ordering a latte. Even now when I’m back here, I keep forgetting to order a flat white haha. By the way, did you read about St. Ali having their $45,000 Synesso machine stolen over the weekend?

    xx Jenee C.

    • You can’t get flat whites in America!!?? Really??? That’s another reason for me to not go there. haha!!
      They had their machine stolen? I hope they’ve got insurance…

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