Hampstead Heath – Parliament Hill Farmers’ Market

I have been trying to find a local farmers’ market since we moved to the vicinity of Hampstead Heath and have tried to locate Parliament Hill farmers’ market sometime last year when I first heard about it. Didn’t manage to get near it the first time but last weekend we found it after 40 minutes of walking in the cold!







It was such a refreshing change, walking around, browsing fresh produce and selecting what we wanted to make for dinner. It is very different to being in the supermarket, which is a norm for me in London now. Back in Singapore, I would always accompany my parents to the wet market in the morning and supermarkets were less frequented.



organic carrots




We got a fresh sea bass which was cleaned in front of us once we selected it. Fresh organic vegetables were chosen next to go with our fish. We also bought some handmade spelt pasta from Seriously Italian for only £2.50 which we cooked in sage and butter the following evening. Such a simple dish and extremely fresh and tasty!



Bath Soft Cheese Company was handling out cheeses for tasting and we ended up buying blue cheese which the dude loved. I am not a big fan of blue cheese and instead was actually really taken by their wyfe cheese which was like a cheddar and it tasted divine. Didn’t end up getting any as they were out of it but we will definitely be back for it next week!





If you live in the vicinity, you should definitely check this farmers’ market out! Even if you don’t, head to Hampstead Heath on a Saturday morning and you might get a snowy scene like this whilst shopping!


When: Every Saturday 10am-2pm
Where: William Ellis School, off Highgate Road. NW5 1RN.


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