Figgin great summer salad

Summer eating is all about making the most of the amazing fruits on offer.  Without a doubt the best season for food, I often find myself adding sweet summer fruits to salads.  Mangoes, grapes, cherries, figs… The list goes on.

This fig and feta salad is delicious and can be whipped up in minutes (which means you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time outside having a pre-dinner G&T as the sun goes down)…


Bag of rocket
1 slice of Greek feta, crumbled
2 handfuls of walnuts, toasted
4-5 figs, cut into quarters (I allow 1 fig per person, plus 1 for good measure)
Balsamic, drizzled on top

Arrange rocket on a plate, cut figs into quarters and scatter over the top.  Crumble the feta and add the toasted walnuts.  Drizzle with a balsamic.  Serves 4.

*This salad is also delicious with prosciutto.


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