Bone Daddies – the new ramen joint in town

On a cold winter’s day/night like today, a hot bowl of slurping delicious ramen makes me a really happy person. After being in London for a whole year, my search for a good bowl of ramen was futile… that was until Bone Daddies came to town. Fellow food bloggers have gone on about Bone Daddies when it opened about late 2012. Determined to check it out, we got there about 6pm and went into a near empty restaurant.

Ross Shonhan, a former head chef at Zuma and Nobu, is the Australian chef behind Bone Daddies. Since the launch of Tonkotsu, then Bone Daddies and now places like Shoryu Ramen, Londoners are in for a treat. Don’t trust Wagamama’s ramen and please head to places like Bone Daddies to try what ramen is all about!



Of course, the dude and I had to try the tonkotsu ramen. The menu describes the 20 hour broth so you do have to check out where all the hard work has gone to. Although I haven’t been to Japan, I have been to a few superb ramen places in Singapore and I know (in my own mind) how good a bowl of ramen can be. We all have slightly different taste palettes, and I can only tell you what I tried and tasted, so you be the judge!


What we had was an extremely porky bowl of tonkotsu… a little too thick in my own opinion but still tasty. The egg was cooked perfectly – the yolk so creamy and delightful. The pork slices were tender and the fat just melts in your mouth. The dude thought it was extremely tasty although our favourite is still Ippudo back in Singapore. For a London ramen joint, this is definitely one that we will return to.

*Apologies for the poor lit photos as they were taken on the iPhone due to the unplanned visit!

Dishpiglets’ rating: 8/10

Bone Daddies
30-31 Peter Street W1F 0AR

Bone Daddies on Urbanspoon


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