In hands…

It was Food Revolution Day last Friday and Giulia of Mondomulia invited us to a pizza masterclass at her house. Equipped with my new toy, I joined Sam & Hannah who were the fellow ‘students’ for the evening.

Giulia made recipe cards for each of us and had already set up a table full of ingredients for the workshop. We tried being attentive students whilst Giulia went through the importance of great ingredients and how to make pizza dough from scratch. The best bit of the evening came when we tried to toss the pizza dough. Out of the lot, one hit the ceiling and another ended on the floor. You can guess where mine went.

Whilst going through my photos, I was totally captured by the postures of the hand. Pizza preparation comes down to good dough and pizza tossing skills. I believe the following describes how our evening went before we indulged in our hand made pizzas topped with cooked ham, marinated artichokes and mozzarella.







You can read more about the pizza workshop on Mondomulia.

*Thanks Giulia for hosting Food Revolution Day 2013! I hope I can do it at mine next year!


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