Eating at Meet & 3Veg

On Thursday evening, we headed to No. 67 in Peckham where Meet & 3 Veg had their first ever vegan supperclub. Our friend, Richard is the brain child behind this new project. As mentioned previously, Richard works in the hospitality industry and those who have visited his restaurant, or perhaps dined at his house, would be familiar with his great attentiveness. The level of finesse that Richard brings to the menu and wine selection is top notch.

I have attended a couple of supper clubs so knew what I was getting into. The common share plates, sitting beside strangers and getting positively stuffed by the end of it all. Meet & 3Veg delivered all that in an amazing setting, and proved that the healthy and sustainable way of vegan food can also be delicious.




We started with canapés which included ajo blanco, chicory with mustard and toasted peanuts and spiced sweet potato with tahini dressing. My favourite of the lot was the chicory where the slight bitterness was well balanced out by the toasted nuttiness.



By the time we sat down, we were welcomed by candy beetroot, fennel, celeriac with a chilli and orange dressing for starters. This dish reminded me of a thai papaya salad dressed with fish sauce. However, there is definitely NO fish sauce in this dish. I am not much of a fennel fan but this starter was something else. I loved the acidity from the orange with the slight spiciness of the chilli.


Our mains consisted of crunchy cumin cauliflower, toasted almonds, pomegranate salad, spiced beetroot and coconut cream, cardamom pilaf and date fudge as well as smoked aubergine and roasted garlic sabzi. For some of the meat eaters in the crowd, the spiced beetroot and coconut cream reminded them of a lamb curry. My favourite was the cardamom pilaf rice which was so fragrant, a reminder of my favourite ‘hainanese chicken rice’. I am normally not a fan of sweets in mains but the date fudge was a great complement to the pilaf rice. Out of the lot, I didn’t quite enjoy the smoked aubergine as it turned out a little too bitter for my liking.






The evening ended with chocolate sorbet, blackberry syrup accompanied by candied pecans. It was a strong finish and even though people complained that they could not finish it all, everyone was seen slurping the last of the sorbet.


We left Peckham full and extremely satisfied. The stomach was beyond holding any more food. It is amazing the difference one feels after consuming a big meat heavy meal compared to a vegan meal. There was no bloating sensation. It was a very successful evening and I definitely hope that Meet & 3Veg will continue on with this project.


A vegan feast…

Last year, our dearest vegan friend, Richard, invited us to his Oxfordshire home to celebrate his birthday and enjoy a delightful vegan feast. Richard works in the hospitality industry and has been vegan for many years now. As meat eaters, we often joke about his ‘lentil eating habits’. However, there are wide misconceptions about the vegan diet. Having lived with Richard before, I have tried some of the best dishes he has created. One would be surprised by their variety, tastiness and clever way of using ingredients.

This coming week, 12th September, Richard has collaborated with No. 67 Cafe to present to us Meet & 3 Veg, a vegan supper club.

Meet & 3 Veg was born out of a belief that a vegan diet can – and should – be appealing to everyone; a desire to bring people of all dietary inclinations together to celebrate food; a passion for hospitality; and a respect for humans, animals & the planet.

These are some of the impressive vegan dishes we had last year.

veg-1-4 Mushroom tea – hijiki seaweed, fried tofu, shitake, hon shimeji and enerji mushroom.

veg-1-6 Ruby chard and broad bean salad

veg-1-7 Muhammara

veg-1-8 Pepper and artichoke fidejua

English berries and muscat grapes

As for the menu this Thursday, this is what you can expect.

meet and 3veg menu

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Call No. 67 – 020 7252 7649 to book. We will be there and hope to see some of you there!