About Dish Piglets

Wendy hated cooking.  In her childhood, she loved her 3pm teatime where she ate Myojo instant noodles with an egg dropped in.  Being brought up in Singapore, she never thought much of her own cuisine until she moved to Adelaide, Australia. It was Chinese New Year when she moved countries. She was munching on dry bread for dinner whilst on the phone with her parents who just had a fantastic reunion dinner of steamboat with fresh seafood and abalone. That was when she realised she had to get on the bandwagon of cooking.

Thus she began her experimentation of authentic Asian food recipes and her rediscovery of Singaporean food.  Having lived in Australia for ten years, she developed a taste palette for fresh and delicious produce. Her love for the Italian culture also meant that she is particular about al-dente pasta. Being relatively new to London, she continues her quest to look for authentic asian food and is also counting down to the day where she can have a taste at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck. Her passion in photography also meant that she is constantly behind her lens if she’s not seen chowing down food.

Celia on the other hand loved cooking from day dot.  Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, she was surrounded by a mum and two grandmas who were avid cooks. This meant that becoming a foodie was not a pleasant inevitability, but rather an unspoken household law (any struggle against this would be punishable by overcooked roast beef).

By age eight she had mastered the Simplicity Chocolate Cake that she baked every weekend much to the annoyance of her mum and delight of her brothers.  Each Saturday the house would fill with the aroma of freshly baked cake, while the week-old-half-eaten cake would be shown the bin (or the dog). By nine she had conquered bolognaise, and then like Caesar before her (mmm – croutons!), she went on to have culinary Europe in her sights.

Now living in London there isn’t a day that goes by without a new restaurant being added to her “to do” list, a recipe being scribbled down on her notepad, a flick through one of her cookbooks, or an overzealous adventure in the kitchen.

Dish Piglets evolved from Celia and Wendy’s mutual love of food.  They figured with the hours they spend talking about food, reading about food, thinking about food, and – most importantly – eating fabulous food, they should record their story.  This is their journey into the delectable world of food.

If you would like to contact us, our email address is dishpiglets@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “About Dish Piglets

  1. Hi Celia and Wendy,
    What a wonderful start to a career in cooking and eating; The Chocolate Simplicity Cake is sound base and I know you’ve always been able to avoid the punishment of of ‘overcooked roast beef’. Looking forward to hearing about the conquests of cooking, restaurants and eating. Good luck to you both and congratulations.
    All my love Valxoxo

  2. Hello! Because you blog always makes me hungry I nominated you for the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ award. Thanks for all the delicious photos and stories 🙂

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