A venture to the East…

The last time I was out at Broadway Market on a Saturday, I was there for Ben Spalding’s Stripped Back. I remembered walking pass Netil Market but didn’t manage to pop in.


Out the front, there’s always some gorgeous pieces of vintage furniture from G Plan but if you delve into the small market, you will find mostly food stalls – Lucky Chip, Terrone, Italian kitchen and so on. As the dude hasn’t been to the area before, we decided to venture to the east to check out Netil Market one wintry Saturday.





There was a queue in front of Lucky Chip when we got there. It is clearly popular amongst the market goers. The long line of people did deter the dude a little but I was determined to try it given the recommendation which I got from fellow food bloggers. When we finally got in line, we were told that we were the last people that they were going to serve as they were nearly out of patties!!!



Whilst waiting for our burgers (20 minutes wait!), we did a mini lap of the market, going through vinyls, checking out second hand bikes at the cycle pit shop before we settled on a coffee at Terrone.



Terrone‘s coffee beans are hand roasted in small batches in Italy “using a restored 50’s Vittoria“. Their Terrone Ciclista Blend received gold star status at Great Taste Award 2012. Both of us tried their ‘bianco piatto’ aka flat white and were sold. It is always great to discover new coffee places in London and we hope that Terrone is one to stay for the long haul.




We managed to get a seat and were getting a little too cold for comfort before our Lucky Chip orders came. Our order of the Clint Eastwood veggie burger, Royale with cheese and fries was well worth the wait. Considering that I have tried tons of veggie burgers, given my inability to consume beef… this is one veggie burger not to be missed. Although it was a tad oily to look at, the crunch from the patty to the portobello mushroom mixed with the sweet chilli aioli, this veggie burger is definitely not an afterthought. The flavours were just divine and I inhaled the burger in a couple of minutes. I had the best veggie burger of my life and I can’t stop thinking about it. As for the Royale with cheese, the dude said it was one of the best he has ever had.




With the weather getting better as we see ‘the start of Spring’ this weekend, I am sure Netil Market is going to be bustling as we get to the summer season. I definitely recommend you checking Netil Market out next Saturday as I am thinking of revisiting rather soon.

Netil Market
every Saturday – from 11-6pm
13 – 23 Westgate street
London Fields
E8 3RL