To the other side of the world and back…

December was quite an adventure for me and the dude. We were travelling from London to Singapore and Melbourne, then back to London. A whirlwind of trips. Luckily for Dishpiglets, there were some time after the two weddings to hang around in Melbourne to check out new cafes/ restaurants and return to some old favourites! The Dishpiglets also spent Christmas 2012 as an official family in Melbourne!

One of the many things which we were spoilt for choice back in Melbourne is coffee! Many new coffee joints have sprouted since we moved to London. The coffee standard in Melbourne remains amazing and St Ali North was one of the new cafes which we visited during our stay. Situated in Carlton North along a bike path, St Ali North is a welcome stop.



It is a refreshing change to see a ‘bike through’ type of cafe. Situated in the space right next to Velo cycles, the space was simply filled with lots of coffee drinkers and cyclists!





Weirdly enough, I was craving for a sweet brunch that morning and was hard pressed to find pancakes or the like. My best bet was the pan fried stone fruit with brioche, bacon ice cream and fruit jus. I was rather unsure about the bacon ice cream that early in the day but decided to go for it in the end. My vegan friend had the braised kale sandwich with saffron chickpeas, sumac onions with a green salad. As for the dude, he ordered the ‘St Ali Royale’ – a wagyu beef burger with aged cheddar, house bacon, russian dressing and pickles.




My breakfast turned out to be one of the best that I have had in 2012. The bacon ice cream was actually vanilla ice cream with bacon bits but the sweet and salty combination was just the right combination and was an excellent treat for me. Delish!

Dishpiglet’s rating: 8.5/10

St Ali North
815 Nicholson Street,
Carlton North
Victoria Australia

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