It’s been a while…

It has been a while since the last blog. Trying to have separate personal and internet lives has proven difficult. Recently, I went on our belated honeymoon to Andalucia, which is part of the reason for the silence on this blog. I was also leaving my old job before the holiday. Since returning, I started a new job at a fabulous London design firm which I have dreamt of working for ever since moving to London.

Enough of the rambling, but real life took over for a while. We have a backlog of blog posts which we will try to catch up on.

Since being back, I managed to head to a wine tasting event, ConVINiality held by Village East. I have done wine tasting before in vineyards back in Australia. Most of the time it was just tasting without much understanding. The night’s theme was to discuss ‘Old World vs New World – Riesling vs Pinot Grigio‘. If you know me, I am not much of a white wine drinker (I blame it on the 2006 architecture fundraising night – where I got drunk on white wine.)


We had a selection of five wines which Francois from Liberty Wines and Richard from Village East chose for the evening. There were wines from Italy, Germany and Australia.



Francois went through the wines in detail and answered all our questions. I have always thought that riesling was ‘heavier’ than a pinot grigio but I was wrong. (Please pardon my ignorance.) After tasting the difference wines, it was very interesting to discuss our preference with Francois and Richard. The most expensive bottle of wine is not necessarily the ‘tastiest’ (according to my tastebuds). The discussion went on for the evening while our glasses were constantly topped up.


The selection of canapés served were carefully designed to match the wines. One of the stand out dishes was the mackerel with beetroot, strawberry, pomegranate and tarragon.



It was an extremely educational and enjoyable night and we even had wine notes to take home. I would definitely recommend you checking out Village East wine events if you get a chance. You will probably be seeing me at more wine club events!


*Village East will be closed for refurbishment for 8 weeks. Watch out for their popup #skycanteen at Skyroom every Thursday in August 2013. I will be posting more details soon.