Brunch in the east

Mr Buckleys has been very much talked about amongst my foodie friends. Located along Hackney Road, I have been there once prior to my return visit today. They serve brunch all day and have cocktails for day time drinking if you fancy it. The space itself is very simple and is a fantastic place to catch up with friends over breakfast.

Having been disappointed with my breakfast choice on my previous visit, I decided to go for a crowd favourite today. I ordered their potato & courgette rosti, bacon, avocado & poached eggs. My friends decided to go with the minute steak with poached eggs, spinach and béarnaise on sourdough and they thoroughly enjoyed it. As for me, I preferred my eggs a little bit more well done and the whole breakfast ended up being a little too dry for me. The potato and courgette rosti was not crispy on the surface and fell apart when I cut through it. It was not as seasoned as I wish it was but the bacon did the job.








On this occasion, the service was a little slow with only three people servicing the floor. It came up to about £15 for my breakfast with a coffee and tea. Given that this was my second shot, I am not quite sure I will be back again anytime soon.

Dishpiglets’ rating: 6/10

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Street Feast London at Merchant Yard


(Date: 19th April 2013)
This was the second week of Street Feast London.
(Time: 7.10pm)
Located at Merchant Yard this year, it is right next to Haggerston overground station. The weather was very kind on Friday (unlike the rainy Friday before!) and when I arrived, the place was pumping and you could smell delicious food in the air! Mmmmmm… Under the tent, most of the the tables were taken already and there were queues at several stalls.




I have heard great things about the Rib man and that he actually prepared 200 kilos of ribs for Street Feast that Friday. After sorting ourselves out with beer, we made the call to queue up for ribs. Instead of a £10 extra large rib meat roll, we decided to go all out and got a rack of ribs instead. The #holyf?!k sauce came highly recommended though I have heard scary stories of tears but we took a leap of faith and went for it.



(Time: 7.35pm)
When it came to our turn in the queue, I was salivating and couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty. Luckily for us, we booked a table at the Gin Store for 7.30pm and headed upstairs to tuck in!


(Time: 7.45pm)
There was silence. My colleague and I were sitting quietly munching through our ribs. I felt the heat hit me. The sweetness of the sauce is so pleasant and somehow balances out the heat. It was scorching as I felt the first tear roll down my cheek. ‘This is good…’, ‘Delicious’, ‘Oh my god it’s hot!’ and several sticking the tongue out action.

(Time 7.55pm)
There was a huge queue when the dude got to Haggerston and he was complaining that he won’t get in for about half an hour as the line went round the corner down a smaller street… In the end, it took him about 15 minutes and luckily for him, we left ONE rib as a taster.


(Time 8.30pm)
By the time it was half past eight, more friends came to join us after they got in from the queue. Perfect timing as we just left our table to do our second round of street feast. The Rib Man was sold out(!!!) by this time and the queues were increasing for some of the other stores.




With a vegetarian friend amongst us, there seemed to be limited choices for her. She ended up having the tofu and shitaake mushroom gyoza (aka dumplings) from Rainbo which she described as delicious. The boys went for ‘The Huge Pole’ and ‘The Big Frank’ from Big Apple hot dogs. There were condiments aplenty eg. Siracha chilli, tomato sauce, french mustard and the lot to please the crowd. Lastly, we had a taste of Bare Grillz skin on fries with green curry mayo (a very interesting flavour!) before we headed off to Dalston to boogie the night away.

Street Feast is on every Friday so grab a few friends and head down east after work for some awesome London street food. We will definitely be heading back there soon!

Here are our tips to survive Street Feast:
– get there early!!!
– bring lots of cash (There is a cash machine across the road but the queue gets massive!)
– be prepared to queue for yummy food. The Rib Man & Ben Spalding’s Stripped Back comes highly recommended.
– you can reserve a table for bigger groups of 8-12 in the Yard or try the Gin store if you have a group of 2-10.